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Male Thread Metal Cam Follower
Male Thread Metal Cam Follower is suitable for sliding window roller application.
Model Bore Dia(d) Outer Dia(OD) Width( WD) Protract Screw Size Internal
M6837-3C1L4M3 3mm 7mm 3mm 1mm M3x4 683zz S304
M6938-4C1L5M4 3mm 8mm 4mm 1mm M4x5 693zz S304
M6849-4C1L5M4 4mm 9mm 4mm 1mm M4x5 684zz S304
M62310-4C1L5M4 4mm 10mm 4mm 1mm M4x5 623zz S304
M60412-4C1L5M4 4mm 12mm 4mm 1mm M4x5 604zz S304
M62413-5C1L6M4 4mm 13mm 5mm 1mm M4x6 624zz S304
M68511-5C1L6M4 5mm 11mm 5mm 1mm M4x6 685RS S304
M60514-5C2L6M5 5mm 14mm 5mm 2mm M5x6 605zz S304
M69615-5C1L8M6 5mm 15mm 5mm 1mm M6x8 696zz S304
M69615-5C1L12M6 5mm 15mm 5mm 1mm M6x12 696zz S304
M62516-5C2L6M5 5mm 16mm 5mm 2mm M5x6 625RS S304
M60617-6C1L8M6 6mm 17mm 6mm 1mm M6x8 606RS S304
M62619-6C1L8M6 6mm 19mm 6mm 1mm M6x8 626-2RS S304
M60817-6C1L8M6 8mm 17mm 6mm 1mm M6x8 608-2RS S304
M60822-7C4L15M8 8mm 22mm 7mm 4mm M8x15 608-2RS S304
M600026-8C2L10M8 10mm 26mm 8mm 2mm M8x10 6000-2RS S304
M600026-8C2L25M8 10mm 26mm 8mm 2mm M8x25 6000-2RS S304
M60924-7C3L10M8 9mm 24mm 7mm 3mm M8x10 609-2RS S304
M600128-8C5L12M10 12mm 28mm 8mm 5mm M10x12 6001-2RS S304
M620030-9C3L12M8 10mm 30mm 9mm 3mm M8x12 6200-2RS S304
M600232-9C4L12M10 15mm 32mm 9mm 4mm M10x12 6002-2RS S304
M620235-11C4L12M8 15mm 35mm 11mm 4mm M8x12 6202-2RS S304
M620340-12C5L12M10 17mm 40mm 12mm 5mm M10x12 6203-2RS S304
M600442-12C5L12M10 20mm 42mm 12mm 4mm M10x12 6204-2RS S304
M620447-14C2L12M10 20mm 47mm 14mm 2mm M10x12 6204-2RS S304
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Add : No.211 Nanyi Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China 315200
Phone: +86 182 6295 3431
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